Our mission is to help you transform your life.

Do you want to improve your essential relationships?
with your self? or
  • spouse / partner                                                
  • children
  • parents
  • siblings
  • relatives
  • friends

              Do you have authenticity and harmony in your relationships?
What is an authentic relationship?  One that is genuine, with trust.   
                                  What is harmony?  It is a peaceful combination of differences.
Counseling specialties  (See  Services page for details)

Temperament - a largely inborn behavioral style. (See  Services page for details)

Transformative mediation  (See  Services page for details)

Reiki - energy healing. (See  Reiki is an ancient healing art . . page for details)

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Essentials of Life :         
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Transformative Mediation
Reiki - Energy Healing
How can two siblings be so different?
Why does one child in a normal family develop a behavior problem and not another?
Relationships - Couples, Parent-Child, and Family
Individual Growth
Safe setting for communication and conflict negotiation